Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fit 4 Prevention?

Fit 4 Prevention is a national movement to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention through fitness and wellness.


How can I host a class?

Sign up here and we’ll give you what you need!


I need social media assets to promote my event. Where do I go?

Everything you need for promoting can be found here!

How do I change my MobileCause URL?

Unfortunately, MobileCause does not allow changes to URLs. To mitigate this, you can re-sign up by clicking here. Input your studio name as the first and last name. Please email us to let us know you have re-signed up so that we can delete the first signup.


Do you have copy, including who to tag & hashtags to use?

Yes! You can access all that material here.


Where do I find fundraising support and tips? 

We have lots of tips to help you with your event here!

Can I just donate without participating?

Yes! We would love for you to attend or host a donation class, but if you want to make a donation to help empower young people with breast health education and support, you can make a donation here!


What is Keep A Breast?

The Keep A Breast Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support. Learn more here